Syrian army takes down Al Nusra in airstrike

SHAFAQNA – A Syrian airstrike has hit a military camp used by the al-Nusra Front Takfiri terror group in northwestern Idlib Province bordering Turkey, killing at least nine terrorists, including four foreign operatives.

Such an attack against the identified terror camp was the second in less than a week said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The strike took place near the town of Atme close to the Syrian-Turkish border.

The strike came after al-Nusra announced last week that its top military commander along with several of the group’s other leaders had been killed in another airstrike in Idlib.

The Syrian military, meanwhile, confirmed the aerial assault, saying its air force carried out the attack, though some foreign-backed opposition sources claimed the accurate airstrikes were conducted by US-led coalition forces.

Moreover, reports confirmed that 40 ISIL militants were killed in Hasakah where fighting is ongoing.

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