Syrian artist earns appraisal certificate at Sharjah’s Islamic Arts Festival

SHAFAQNA –  Sharjah,  Syrian artist Mohammed Hajj Qab has recently earned a “Thanks and Appreciation” certificate for his participation in “Visions of Light” exhibition within the activities of the 17th edition of Islamic Arts Festival held in Sharjah under the theme “Art and Science”.

52 photographers from 15 Arab countries took part in the exhibition, which was organized by the Arab Union of Photographers in cooperation with Sharjah Art Museum.

Hajj spoke about his participation, which he included three artistic works that he applied and received the ok to enter the competition.

The first piece, he said, shed light on the architecture and art of Palmyra, while the second one depicted Buddhist temples. The third snapshot, however, shows a number of geometric designs of roads with calculated artistic lighting.

For Hajj Qab, this participation was very important and useful in terms of enriching his knowledge, exchanging expertise and getting acquainted with the culture of other countries.

Regarding his future plans, Hajj Qab told SANA that he is currently on a tour in southeastern Asia during which he has visited Thailand and Malaysia, adding that he is going to visit the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Cambodia.

Hajj Qab participated in several festivals in Arab and European countries such as the International Biennale Festival, held in Paris, Tehran and Istanbul, the Contemporary Art Festival in Greece. He won the second prize in Lebanon International Competition for Arts and Literature and earned an appraisal certificate from Egyptian Association of Professional Photographers.

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