Imam Rida Ethical and Human Conduct Regarding His Appearance

SHAFAQNA- Here is no doubt that, generally speaking, the Imams (A.S) were more distant than anyone else from the alluring wares of this vanishing world, and most distant from its ornamentations and allurements. But the concept of asceticism…

An Islamic Approach to Business Ethics

SHAFAQNA -  What is Ethics? Ethics may be defined as the set of moral principles that distinguish what is right from what is wrong. Ethics has a twofold objective: it evaluates human practices by calling upon moral standards; also it may…

Ethics and Morality

SHAFAQNA - Courtesy of the Islamic Centre of England  

Believing in true heroes

Courtesy of The Islamic Centre of England for SHAFAQNA - There is a lot that can be said of a society by looking at their heroes and role models. We could almost say ‘tell me who your role model is and I’ll tell you who you are?’ To…