Photos: Raas Al-Hussein (P) Mosque in Cairo

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SHAFAQNA - The Al Hussein Mosque is one of the most sacred Islamic sites in Egypt and famously known for it’s housing the oldest complete manuscript of the Holy Qu’ran. It’s location is also in an immensely popular street of Cairo…

Kolkata's Prominent Mosque Imam asks Muslims to Keep Citizenship Documents

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SHAFAQNA - Maulana Shafique Qasmi, The Imam of  Nakhoda mosque in Kolkata, at the congregation after the Friday prayers, asked people of the community to ensure that documents proving their citizenship and other legal records were in order…

The representative of Ayatullah Sistani: "Human principles must be observed even when fighting enemies"

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SHAFAQNA- Pointing to the coming of the month of Muharram, Hojat-ul Islam Sheikh AbdulMahdi Karbalaei, the representative of Ayatullah Sistani, remarked in the sermons of Friday prayers of this week in Karbala, which was held in the courtyard…