Was Ma’mun al-Abbasi Shia?

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SHAFAQNA - via WikiShia : Abu l-ʿAbbās ʿAbd Allāh al-Maʾmūn (Arabic:ابوالعباس عبدالله المأمون), (b. 170/786 – d. 218/833) the son of Harun al-Rashid, was the 7th caliph of Abbasid dynasty who forced Imam al-Riza…

What Were the Three Regrets that Abu Bakr Had When He Was on His Deathbed?

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SHAFAQNA - With WikiShia : Today, the 22th of the month Jumâdâ ath-Thânîya, is the anniversary of the death of Abū Bakr b. Abī Quḥāfa, who after the decease of the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a.), with the help of some other companions…