Islamic Centre of England's workshop: How to concentrate in our prayers

SHAFAQNA - The Islamic Centre of England will hold a special workshop on November 5th - How to concentrate in your prayers, organised by Dr Ali al-Hilli. For all enquiries please contact:

Imam Khomeini Conference - "Imam Khomeini and the Status of Women"

SHAFAQNA - The Islamic Center of England will host the Saturday - June 4th, the 19th Imam Khomeini conference to discuss the role of women, their position within society from a religious, social, and political standpoint. The conference will…

Project Zainab to hold event on April 10 on women empowerment and leadership

SHAFAQNA - Project Zainab, a British-based NGO will hold an important event on April 10, at the Islamic Center of England. Shafaqna will cover the event.

Islamic Center of England denounces Saudi Arabia over Sheikh al-Nimr's execution

SHAFAQNA - On January 2sd, 2016, Saudi officials confirmed in a press release that Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent Shia cleric and pro-democracy activist from Qatif, was executed alongside 46 other prisoners. The news was received with an…

Hujjatul-Islam Dr Mohammad Shomali’s 2015 Press Conference

SHAFAQNA - Hujjatul-Islam Dr Mohammad Shomali director of the Islamic Centre of England in his annual address on Thursday 17th December 2015, spoke about the activities of the Centre, the work of the community and expressed his opinion on some…