Syrian cities under siege – truth versus fiction

SHAFAQNA - Earlier this January media broke the story of Madaya, a Syrian town whose people had been made to suffer immense hardship under the weight of a de facto humanitarian blockade. Outraged, UN officials pointed an angry finger at…

Madaya - One City, Two Stories

SHAFAQNA - Breaking Point with Vanessa Beeley

Madaya, the humanitarian complex and Western powers’ selective outrage

SHAFAQNA - Mainstream media have reached a new low this January as they purposely manipulated human suffering - engineered human suffering I need to add - to serve very political agenda. While this reality is not in the least surprising, such…

Madaya: On the hypocrisy of the humanitarian complex - Editorial

SHAFAQNA - Over the past few days a veritable media frenzy has been built around the Syrian town of Madaya, with officials and journalists deploring the alleged cruelty of Damascus government over its alleged humanitarian siege of the city. Painful…