Roller Coaster Helps People Pass Kidney Stones; Study

SHAFAQNA- Doctors may have found an unconventional way to get rid of painful kidney stones — but it will cost you a trip to Disney World. Researchers found that riding the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster at Disney World could…

Using sticky nanoparticles for cancer treatment

SHAFAQNA- Sticky nanoparticles that deliver drugs precisely to their targets—and then stay there—could play a crucial role in fighting ovarian and uterine cancers. A team of researchers at Yale found that a treatment using bioadhesive…

Researchers synthesize nanoparticles using pomegranate peel

SHAFAQNA - Researchers at Amirkabir University of Technology have found an eco-friendly method to synthesize silver nanoparticles using two natural materials, Mignonette and pomegranate peels. Pointing to the importance of using environment-friendly…