The science of sleep: A Q&A with neurology professor Ying-Hui Fu

SHAFAQNA- Ying-Hui Fu, a UCSF professor of neurology and a pioneer in the study of sleep and genetics, explains the science behind strange sleep patterns and shares why shut-eye is more important than you think. Q: What ignited your…

Relation between temperature and sleeping

SHAFAQNA- Scientists warn of sleepless nights in a warming world By 2050, a bad night’s rest could be almost twice as common as it is now. That’s the conclusion of the largest study yet on sleep and temperature, which finds…

Poor Sleep Linked to Worsening Kidney Disease

SHAFAQNA- For people with chronic kidney disease, poor sleep may boost the chances that their illness will worsen, new research suggests. "Short sleep and fragmented sleep are significant yet unappreciated risk factors for chronic…