America’s Broken Democracy by Jeffrey D. Sachs

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SHAFAQNA- Jeffrey D. Sachs, Project Syndicate US President Donald Trump’s ravings against the 2015 Paris climate agreement are partly a product of his ignorance and narcissism. Yet they represent something more. They are a reflection of…

The Ironies of U.S. Imperialism under Trump: An Interview with Dr. Cynthia Willett and Dr. Stefan Boettcher

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SHAFAQNA, Exclusive Interview - Sitting amongst the utmost enablers of reactionary politics and terrorist mindsets in the Middle East, the U.S. president Donald J. Trump accused Iran of supporting terrorists and pushed his Arab cohorts to take…

Trump, Foreign Adventures and Domestic Misadventures: An Interview with Prof. Stephen Eric Bronner

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SHAFAQNA - Exclusive Interview: Donald J. Trump rose to power in the U.S. to much wonder, anxiety, and horror of observers, both within and without the United States. Since his ascendency of the presidential office, day by day, he has revealed…