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Teachers strike in the UK over dwindling resources

SHAFAQNA – Hundreds of schools across England have closed because many teachers have launched a 24-hour strike amid a row over payment and working conditions as well as “under-funding”.

The walk-out on Tuesday was called by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and is the first of its kind in more than a decade. The strike has caused disruption to hundreds of schools in the country with many shutting down completely or partially and with teachers not showing up to lessons.

Many teachers have not gone to work to protest against the government about how much money schools get and also think that teachers work too many hours and should be paid more for the work they do.

The NUT said teachers want a guarantee of terms and conditions in all types of schools, they demand an increase of funding to schools and education, and to resume negotiations on teacher contracts to allow workload to be addressed.

“The majority of schools will be affected either through complete closure, partial closure or reduced timetable,” the NUT said in a statement. “Given the discontent amongst teachers this is action that will be well supported.”

“In light of the huge funding cuts to schools, worsening terms and conditions, and unmanageable and exhausting workloads, teachers cannot be expected to go on without significant change. The effects on children’s education are also real and damaging.”

The Department for Education (DfE) said the action was “unnecessary” and “damaging”.

“It is disappointing the National Union of Teachers has chosen to take unnecessary and damaging strike action, which less than a quarter of its members voted for. It is even more disappointing when we have offered and committed to formal talks between ministers and the unions to address their concerns about pay,” a DfE spokesman said.

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