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Tehran’s Friday Prayers Leader: ‘Saudi monarch pharaoh of the age’

SHAFAQNA – Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati led Tehran’s Friday Prayers and commented on the history of US-Iran relation as well as Saudi war on Yemen. Addressing worshipers during Tehran Friday Prayers, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati the interim Friday Prayers Leader called the nuclear talks an issue of honor that should not be understated.

Ayatollah Jannati referred to a minority who believe the talks do not matter much and found them too naïve as the talks are part of the history of the country which define the direction of Iran’s future path.

“Some think that it is as easy as accepting their demands in return for sanction removal;” yet he criticized them for trusting the US administration and called them ‘too gullible’.

Jannati elaborated on three basic principles which he called necessary for the rest of the talks, starting with belief in God as the first thing to be implemented by Iranians.

Referring to the anniversary of Liberation of Khorramshahr on 24 May 1982 in which the Iranians recaptured the startegic  port city of Khorramshahr from the Ba’athi regime of Saddam Hussein, while Saddam was supported by 26 countries and armed to teeth, the Grand Ayatollah reminded Iranians that “if God supports you, you will succeed in your path.”

The second principle he touched upon was the belief in people and democracy. Nobody should fear that because of economic sanctions people are not supporting their government, he said and added that the Iranians are the same as they were in former crises of their revolution.

The third principle of success in nuclear talks, Jannati held that was following Islamic laws. He stressed that as far as the laws are met, the country would overcome all problems.

Calling nuclear talks a matter of honor both for Iran and the US administration, Jannati reviewed the history of former US administrations trying to topple the Islamic democracy in Iran and warned Iranians of American plots for avenging all previous defeats.

He contradicted with a group’s hypothesis of deal with the US which would fruit in economy and everything of the country, and found zero chance for US-stimulated growth in Iran’s economy.

Pointing to the US interference in Iran’s sovereignty in Pahlavai Era, the Ayatollah exposed the real intention of the Americans to manipulate Iran’s domestic affairs in accord with US interests.

“The American’s showed no mercy wherever they entered and they are hiding behind the mask of talks to take revenge the same way they did in other countries,” Jannati said.

Touching upon the regional issues in Middle East, Ayatollah Jannati lashed out at the Saudi king for acting like Pharaoh spending his money to oppress freedom.

Expressing regret over the crimes committed by Saudis, he found it revealing of their true nature that the USA is supporting KSA to kill women and children on pretext of liberating them.

Wishing Saudi fall, he called Al Saud’s war on Yemen against any international conventions and rhetorically asked the monarch what the defenseless people of Yemen had done to deserve such cruel Saudi attacks.

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