Telegraph/Barack Obama urges Congress to ‘hold fire’ on imposing more sanctions on Iran

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The President of USA urged Congress to “hold fire” on imposing more sanctions on Iran, warning that to do so would “jeopardise” the talks to resolve the confrontation over the nuclear issue. “My main message to Congress at this moment is just hold fire,” Obama said. Under an interim agreement signed in Geneva in 2013, Iran accepted constraints on its nuclear programme in return for America promising not to impose more sanctions.

Mr Obama warned that Iran would interpret any move by Congress to pass a sanctions bill as a breach of this deal.

“The likelihood of the negotiations then collapsing is high,” he said. “And Iran would be able to say that the reason they ended the negotiations would be because the United States was acting in bad faith.”

Mr Obama added: “I am asking Congress to hold off because our negotiators and our partners – those who are most intimately involved in this – assess that it would jeopardise the chances of solving one of the most difficult and dangerous international problems.”

John Kerry, the US secretary of state, met his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in Paris on Friday. This was their second encounter this week as the two men try to reach a comprehensive agreement to settle the nuclear issue by the new deadline of March 30.

Source: The Telegraph

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