Tens of home raids to clampdown on dissidents

SHAFAQNA – Seven areas around Bahrain are reported to have been raided by regime forces backed by masked civilian militias on Wednesday early morning (11-March-2015). The home raids led to the arrest of 15 citizens.Many homes have been raided in the areas of  Sitra, Sar, Shakhura, Barbar, Demistan and Malkiya. Ten of citizens have been arrested from Malkiya alone in addition to 6 citizens who were arrested three days ago in home raids which were carried out in 8 areas.

The regime forces have been carrying out many home raids to clampdown on nationwide protests that are taking to the streets for over 70 days, denouncing the continued detention of Sheikh Ali Slaman, Al Wefaq Secretary General and calling for immediate democratic transition of power. This peaceful prodemocracy  uprising is being faced with brutal suppression and wide arrests.

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