Terrorism aimed to block Iraq’s progress: Official

SHAFAQNA – Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said in a meeting with the Iraqi foreign minister Ibrahim al-Ja’afari on Wednesday that “Iraq’s energy resources on hand, the country could have taken a big step forward. That is why some countries have sought to block the country’s progress.”

“Western countries and certain regional allies are seeking to disrupt peace and democracy in Iraq,” the Iranian parliamentarian added.

Larijani also noted that the ailment of terrorism in Iraq is of utmost significance, further pointing out that a realistic approach should be adopted to deal with the scourge.

“The more active the ISIL terrorist group becomes, the more tribal and political conflicts will erupt” in Iraq, the Iranian lawmaker said, noting that some states benefit from the ongoing crisis in the Arab county.

Terrorist movements and groups drain the energy resources of the regional countries, a move which is all in the interest of the Tel Aviv regime, Larijani said.

“Currently, there are some regional countries that support terrorism, Larijani said, adding, “With the current situation, the Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to help Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria, so that they can succeed in fighting terrorists.”






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