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Terrorism aspires to fragment communities through fear and mistrust

SHAFAQNA – “Terrorism aspires to fragment communities through fear and mistrust,” Dr Alexander Lamb told Shafaqna in exclusive comments this Wednesday when referring to the horrific attack which took place near Parliament in London on Wednesday.

“Terrorism does not have any real agenda other than rob people of their humanity and compassion so that they would revert to violence, segregation, and division as a protection mechanism … We must prevent this to happen in Britain and fight of our common values,” Dr Lamb added.

Indeed … Terror has been an insidious enemy, one that has permeated through all levels of society, and cut across communities by pitting people, traditions and faiths against one another, when we should have learnt to live and respect each other.

Those men, groups and entities that claim to this day to represent Islam and Islamic values as they wield weapons and death are in fact stranger to Islam and its holy message.

Islam came to the world as a mercy – a saving grace to humanity from the Creator of all Worlds … Violence is a negation of Islam lofty goals and the purity it carries within.

It pains us as Muslims to see the message of the last Prophet of God be defiled in such a brutal and despicable manner.

Our hearts and our prayers go to the victims of such tragedy.

Today we stand in solidarity to those who have suffered from the bite of terrorism wherever they may be and whatever their circumstances.

We pray that Britain will rise above such tragedy and offer courage in the face of hardship instead of hate.

Hate is what Terror wants to sow. Hate and division is what Terror ultimate feeds on and we ought to oppose it with everything that we have.

Speaking to Shafaqna in exclusive comments Piers Morgan noted how tragic it would be for Britain to forget its roots and core traditions at a time such as this. “We will endure and we will go on” he said.



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