The Baqee Organization calls for action this July 13th, 2016 in Washington DC

SHAFAQNA – The Baqee Organization – which stands for the defense and conservation of the Islamic heritage, will hold its annual protest before the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC on July 13th, to once again denounce Riyadh’s systematic obliteration of Islam holy sites, history, and religious patrimoine.

A coalition of American-Muslim citizens, the Baqee Organization has vowed to speak up against the many crimes which Islam has had to suffer by the hands of the Saudi government in the name of religious bigotry – as expressed by the Wahhabi school of thought.

An ascetic, violent and reactionary faith imbued of its own self-importance, Wahhabism has already claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the world – notwithstanding other religious communities. While Islam stands true to its principles of tolerance – “In religion there should be no compulsion” reads the Quran.

Described by prominent Islamic religious scholars as a heresy, a negation of Islam, and a religious abomination, Wahhabism has inspired such groups as al-Qaeda, ISIL, and Boko Haram – the expression of a hate and a violence which Muslims absolutely, and unequivocally denounce as foreign to their faith.

If today the world has learnt to fear Wahhabism in the bloodshed its legions have claimed across several continents, Muslims have long suffered by its hands; their voices made silent by the weight of tyranny.

In Saudi Arabia, the birth place of Islam, holy grounds have been desecrated, religious monuments have been torn down, and pilgrims have denied access to the tombs of their saints.

Amid such violence, such intolerance one crime stood cruellest of all – the destruction of al-Baqee cemetery, where some of Islam’s most brilliant figures were buried. There lie the last resting place of the Prophet Mohammed’s children, wives, companions, and relatives.

Since its destruction in 1925 AD, al-Baqee cemetery has become a symbol of the atrocities and brutality committed by Saudi Arabia, and its state religion: Wahhabism. As it lies in ruins, al-Baqee also came to represent Resistance – the call of a people against the injustice of radicalism.

Wahhabism has claimed many holy sites since — Gautama Buddha statues in Afghanistan, the Temple of Palmyra in Syria and the Tomb of Prophet Jonah in Iraq.  Before the wrath of Wahhabism, the world stands to see its memory erased. It is this violence, this insane pursuit for religious absolutism which the Baqee Organization ambitions to denounce, and oppose so that justice could be reclaimed.

Muslims and non-Muslims – beyond creed, ethnicity, and political persuasions, people from across the United States will stand in solidarity with the embattled citizens of Saudi Arabia and the countries it oppresses. Similar protests have been scheduled at Saudi Arabian Consulates and Embassies in Los Angeles.

In the face of tyranny, we are all minorities. It is how we face injustice which truly defines our character.

This July 2016 the Baqee Organization is calling on you to support a cause which is truly universal: the preservation of our History.



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