The Believers



The Believers

Compiled by: Syed Zainul Abideen, Tehran, Iran
Imam Sadiq (A.S) said: A believer is a believer’s brother as if they have one soul and one single body when a part of it is inflicted the entire body feels pain; their souls are also like one soul. A believer’s soul is more strongly linked to God than the rays to the sun. (Usul-e-Kaafi, V.2, P.166)

A believer should possess eight qualities:
1. He should maintain self-respect in difficulties.
2. He should be patient in troubles.
3. He should be thankful during peace and comfort.
4. He should be content with whatever is given to him by God (health, wealth, talents, knowledge , children and other blessings of God)
5.He should not be cruel towards his enemy
6.He should not place the burden of his life on his friends.
7. He should accustom his body for tiresome jobs.
8. He should make people comfortable. (UsuleKaafiV.2 P. 47)
If a person deals with people frankly without injustice and speaks to them nothing but truth and makes promises without breaching them, then it is ‘haraam” to backbite him. Furthermore fraternizing such a person with superb conduct and personality openly with justice is obligatory. (UsuleKaafi V. 2 P. 239)
A person who strives for the needs of his brother is like one who strives to run between Safa and Marva in the Hajj pilgrimage and the person who fulfils the need of his brother is like one who is smeared in his blood in the battles of Badr and Uhad. (TO. P. 303)
Note: The battles of Badr and Uhad were fought against the idolaters (like Abu Sofyan and Abu Jahl)


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