The benefits of reciting the holy Quran

SHAFAQNA – Imam Sadiq (AS) said: The person who recites Quran has a wealth and will not be poor after that and the one who does not recite Quran has nothing {1]. It is narrated from Imam Hassan (AS) who said: The one who recites Quran, one of his/her Duas (requests from God) will be accepted, be it a Dua related to this world or the hereafter [2].

The above narrations are only examples from many which indicate that even reciting the holy Quran has rewards. Recitation is one level higher than looking at the pages of the Quran and these narrations have not indicated that if someone cannot understand the meaning, should not recite it, because when simply looking at Quran is counted as good deed, reciting it, is an additional good deed.

[1] Alkafi by Mohammad Alkolayni, Tehran (Darul Kotobul Islamiyeh), 4th Edition, 1986, Vol. 2, Page 605, Hadith Number 8.
[2] Mostadrekul Wasael by Hossain Nouri, Qom (Aalul Bayt Institute), 1st Edition, 1408 AH, Vol. 4, Page 261, Chapter 10, Hadith Number 8.

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