The Birth and Appearance of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (AS)

SHAFAQNA – The birth of His Eminence, Mahdi (ع), the great reformer of humanity is said to have been in the year 255 A.H. (Wayfayatul Ayan 2:451, Usul al-Kafi) and the years 232 A.H. (Biharul Anwar) is also mentioned in this regard.

The Qaim (ع) of the Progeny of Muhammad (ص) was born on the blessed night of the 15th of the month of Shaban al-Moazzam. Is is the most holy night and it is mentioned in some traditions and narrations that the night of Power (Shab-e-Qadr) is this very night. And that all affairs are appointed on this night. On this night, the Ziyarat of the father of the independent ones and the beloved of of the Messenger of Allah (ص), the chief of the Martyrs, Imam Husayn (ع) is recommended.

Among all the people, His Eminence (ع) is most resembling his great grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (ص), by way of method, jihad and revolution against oppression and transgression and transformation of the system of the oppressive rulers in society, from theft and destruction, humiliation, affliction and problems. He would replace all this with a system that would provide every kind of comfort and security and be a cause of general welfare and happiness of the people. When the Qaim (ع) of the Progeny of Muhammad (ص) would appear, he would work in the same way as his great grandfather had done. That is why he would destroy the false powers and tyrannical rulers whose power is based on falsehood and hypocrisy and he shall eradicate them completely. He would then establish justice and equity in every sense of the term.

Numerous traditions of the Holy Prophet (ص) and the Imams of guidance have reached us that mention that Imam Mahdi (ع) resembles his great grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (ص). Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Abdullah ibn Masud narrates from the Messenger of Allah (ص) that he said, “A man from my family would arise having my name, and his manners and habits would be like my manners and habits and he would make the earth abound with justice and equity.”
  2. Huzaifah relates from the Messenger of Allah (ص) that he said:

    Even if there remains one day in the life of the earth, God will bring forth a man whose name and character will be like mine, and whose patronymic will be Abu Abdillah. People would pay allegiance to him between the Rukn and Maqam of Ka’ba. Through him God will revive his religion and bring it back to its early glory. God will also endow him with many victories and there will remain on earth none other than the ones who will declare: There is no god, except Allah.”

    Sulaiman got up from his place and asked as to which of his children’s descendants he would be.

    The Prophet (ص) struck his hand on Husain (ع) and said, “From his descendants.”

  3. Ayesha has narrated from the Messenger of Allah (ص) that he said, “Mahdi is a person from my progeny. He will fight for my sunnah like I have fought for revelation.”
  4. Jabir ibn Abdullah Ansari has quoted the Messenger of Allah (ص) that he said, “The Mahdi is from my progeny, his name and patronymic is the same as mine. Among all the people he would resemble my character. There would be an occultation for him during which people shall be perplexed. After that he would reappear like a bright star and make the earth abound with justice and equity after it has been completely fraught with injustice and oppression.”

Sources – The Life of Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (ع) p. 41, 47-49

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