Date :Saturday, February 21st, 2015 | Time : 11:51 |ID: 9185 | Print

The Canadian Muslim Forum denounces officials’ silence before Islamophobia

SHAFAQNA – At a conference on Friday in Montreal, Kathy Malas, the vice-president of the Canadian Muslim Forum told reporters, “We notice a total lack of political will to stop this moral onslaught against the Muslim community.”

To which she complained that Muslims in Canada have been “used as political footballs” in recent months to gain points in opinion polls.

Malas’ comments came in the wake of the passins of a bill which provisions for the study of religious radicalism and fundamentalism in Quebec.

The Canadian Muslim Forum stated that public debate should not be focused on radicalization that casts Muslims as “other,” and that doing so contributes to a climate of fear and division.

“Our children are being targeted at schools because of their faith, our women in the streets are being spit at and sworn at because of their dress, our men are being deprived sometimes of jobs because of their names,” said Canadian Muslim Forum President Samer Majzoub.

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