The Cause and Cure of the iOS 8.1.2 Batter

SHAFAQNA- The brand new iOS 8.1.2. brings tidings to us all in the form of some highly needed bug fixes for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch. The typical warm welcoming which usually accompanies the release of a new iOS isn’t quite so warm this time around.

New Bugs Arise from a Fix

The intended purpose of the new iOS 8.1.2 was to clear up some of the leftover bug issues in the iOS 8.0 but the problem that so many people are having is that not only does the new system fail to clear up those issues but, amazingly enough, it is actually adding newly established problems in it’s wake.

A figurehead of these problems is the faulty battery life which appears to be plaguing several users amid the new release. The central purpose of this article is to help you clear up these issues with a clean fix.

iOS 8.1.2. Not the Cure-all, After-all

Recently, not too long following the 8.1.1 update, a new update was sent out to the public with intentions of eliminating issues that had been ailing 8.0. The latest in the update parade is iOS 8.1.2, which is a minimal bug fix and around 20MB for the majority of the iPhone and iPad users. A ringtone issue is the focal point, which came to light with the release of 8.1.1.

Even though the this latest update is all about iOS 8.1.2, the bulk of the problems are concerned around the problems that the latest update had left. The problems that are at the top of the list are regarding the battery life, the Wi-Fi and an overall bad performance. The battery life is what’s been bugging the good people that use iOS the most.

How Do We Correct the Battery Life issue?

The objective for this article is simply to give you extra battery life since the latest update, iOS 8.1.2.

Which App is the Source of the battery drain?

We basically need to find what drains the battery so the very first thing to do is get a decent handle on your applications. A standard issue with third party apps is that they have a infamous track record to drain the life out of the batteries. Anytime that you open and use an app the battery will drain in a relatively quick fashion. There may also be times when a bug persuades an app in going total ‘Jeckyl and Hyde’, causing them to freeze or crash, which in turn causes a battery drain. Depending on how your device handles these occurrences, or how they handle these apps in the background, this may determine how in turn they use power.

So to tackle this you need to set about configuring the battery life usage with the utensil that Apple provided in the new iOS 8.1.2 update. To get the tool running, shoot over to settings->general->usage->battery usage to verify exactly which app has the biggest hand in the battery life failure, by scoping out the app that has drained the most power in the past 24 hrs, and also in the last week. When you have discovered the app that is taking the battery life, you can withdraw from that app from updating when the device is sleeping. This will cut it off from the background activity from your iPhone or iPad. You could also uninstall the app if you aren’t really using it anyway.

The changes in the way apps are handled since the last update is not under your control. Some of the other reasons for the battery drain could be that the app actually refreshes too often in the background or that your device is set to too much auto-brightness.

Hopefully Just a Passing Hiccup

Being that this issue is with Apple, this little hiccup should only be a passing glitch and the problems should subside in a short period of time when the next minor update is introduced.

With the advice in this article you should at least be able to add the proverbial ‘sticking plaster’ to your device and you are now able to be operating an iPhone or an iPad that is up to scratch.

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