The Chain Of Lies – America Goes To War … AGAIN


SHAFAQNA – “Be an enemy to the oppressors, and a friend to the oppressed,” Imam Ali

America cried the world a river over Syria’s babies and now dozens more lie face down in the dirt, slaughtered to a war complex that hungers for the innocent … of course before the agony of a people the world could only master selective outrage. How despicable those who clamour for genocide while cloaked in stately legitimacy! How cold your hearts that you could not see humanity being disappeared for every fallen victim of Terror?

Syria has bled under a thousand and one injustices and all America could see is those assets, and those armies it helped rose from the desert of Nejd so it could carve itself an empire … Syrians have lived in dread and in perpetual mourning so that the US Establishment and its allies  could exert control over a region and still hug the moral narrative.

How far down the rabbit hole does one need to go before reclaiming some degree of sanity?

How long for the world to extirp itself from its stupor as to learn of the Terror it helped nurse to life? Let me make myself perfectly clear here: Daesh and Co. would never have thrived if not for its patrons’ help. Daesh was made and wielded as a grand weapon of war so that those foolish enough to believe themselves in control could play destruction to enslave nations to their will.

For many of us Terror has been an immovable reality – the one shadow to hover over our heads throughout the centuries.

And though it may have carry many names and bore many faces, its nature has been that of bloodshed, exclusion and hatred.

Today Terror hides behind the Black Flag Army, the Black Flag Army has hid behind its masters … I let you judge who those parties may be.

“Yesterday’s chemical attack, a chemical attack so horrific in Syria against innocent people including women, small children, and even beautiful little babies, their deaths was an affront to humanity. These heinous actions by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated,” Trump said from the White House earlier this April. “My attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much,” he added.

I would strongly advised for the faint-hearted and those still entertaining the idea that the US Establishment is a legitimate entity to look away now … I don’t intend to cloak my disgust in the least!

How conveniently tender-hearted of Mr Trump to play selective anguish while arguing a righteous massacre? All hail the great American avenger … Haven’t we learnt already that bloodshed only matters when weighed against geopolitical gain?  Life nowadays is a political commodity reserve to that neo-liberal elite western capitals would like you to bow to and call it Freedom.

I am of those who reject!

Let me make myself abundantly clear: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did not, I repeat DID NOT authorize any chemical attack against Daesh militants. He could have … many times over if we consider just how unfathomably cruel Daesh armies have been to the Syrians, but he did not.

He did not simply because he would make no sense to do so. Let me rephrase that. For Damascus to order a chemical strike against its enemies – warranted or not, would equate to both political and military suicide at a time when the Syrian Arab Army stood on the very edge of total victory.

As US State Senator Black stressed in his interview with RT, motive is what we need to look at. Nevermind the fact that no real proof was ever presented. Why bother with due process when western capitals only need to wave pictures before the United Nations … why bother indeed!

Let me tell you why we should bother.

We should bother because lives are being lost to western-made weapons and western-made lies. Communities have been slaughtered, their blood forfeited to an ideology that ambitions a grand religious cleanse … and still you blame the victims! America today is acting a cover and a mercenary army to the disease that is Wahhabism.

Syria has many “beautiful babies” … which will you choose to mourn? Which will you sacrifice to your neo-colonial deity while bathing in your own sectarian entitlement?

Syria is  many colours, creeds and beauties … I personally cry all of its scars.

How can you lament an attack against Daesh positions in Idlib and turn in cold indifference before the suffering of Foua and Kefraya? Is it that those villages’ faith irks your sensitivity? Or is it rather that you were awaiting for opportunity to knock to rescue those “assets” of yours and fip dynamics in your favour once more?

Since your bombing campaigns only ever seem to embolden Daesh further I will tentatively posit that your agenda is in fact that of Terror – imperialism has a new frontier it appears.

Or …. could it be Western World that your alliance with the exclusionism of Wahhabism turned you into that evil which you created?

By Catherine Shakdam – Director of Shafaqna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies

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