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The Christian Genocide In Syria

SHAFAQNA – Sarah Abed Interview with Yasmine:

Yasmine is an engineer who then went on to get her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and resides in Damascus the oldest city to be continuously inhabited in the world and was established in 9000 B.C! Yasmine is Aramean Syriac Orthodox originally from Al Qamishly in the North East of Syria but grew up in Damascus. Damascus is nicknamed the City of Jasmine (Yasmin in Arabic).

Q: When the West’s terrorist proxies slaughter and commit genocide against the indigenous Christian population, as they did, for example, in Kessab, Syria, are they attempting to “erase history”?

A: Not only history, When Wahhabists started in KSA they destroyed everything that has relation to history, even the grave of the prophet is destroyed, they do not care for it, in Afghanistan they destroyed statues that were thousands years old, they are a destruction machine of everything that has to do with civilization.
Q: When Western terrorists occupy towns like Maloula, Syria, and destroy Christian religious icons is this an attempt to erase history?
A: They want to destroy the history and Christianity, Christians were always targeted by those radicals, it is their ideology to not accept any one who is different.
Q: When the Western terrorists target Muslim and/or Christian communities, are they, or their Imperial masters, attempting to destroy the country by creating sectarian warfare?
A: Of course, the sectarian warfare serves the agenda, it was the plan for ME to be in perpetual state of chaos, which in the days of Bush jr was called the creative chaos or constructive chaos, this chaos serves Israel.
Q: Are the imperialists attempting to create warring ethnic and/or religious enclaves?
A: Of course, it is their targeted, the religion is the opium of nations, it is the method to lead the whole destruction game
Q: Are the Empire’s divide and conquer strategies in Syria working, or does most of the Syrian population remain unified?
A: There must have been some who sympathise with Wahhabists, and these will never seize to exist unless the world fights the source of them, the sources of Wahhabist ideology are in Egypt and KSA, and unless they are totally fought, they will always have followers around the world. Another thing to be honest, A regime like Bashar Assad was able to protect us from those minority, also in the days of Hafez Assad we were protected, If you like to name him a dictator go ahead, but please do not tell me the west is protecting us. Hafez Assad was protecting us, Bashar Assad is protecting us.
One thing lead to the other, i wanted to say the sources of terrorists should be dried up, and the rest of the Syrians are able to live with each other , we were always able to live together.
Q: Whereas the West and its proxies support the dogma of the House Of Saud and Wahhabism, they are condemning Christians to death and genocide.  If populations in Canada, for example, were aware of this, would they accept the truth?  Would they act on it by contacting their churches and their political representatives?
A: I do trust the people, but never trust their governments.
Q: After six years of government change/dirty war against Syria, is ignorance of the truth still a viable excuse?
A: It is a shame to say that there are people who do not know that there are wahhabists sheikhs leading the blind people like a herd towards the destruction of the whole area, for the interests of a small party.
Q: When the West closed embassies and blocked diplomatic channels in Syria, were they doing this with a view to hiding their crimes?
A: It did not hide their crimes, it showed their crimes, if they really had the intention to help the Syrians, they would have kept the doors of their embassies open, so they keep their eye on the status in Syria, they can see the true, they can help, but their intention was to destroy the country to move on to the next step. So they closed their doors and left.
Q: To what degree are the West’s lies about Syria a danger to Christians living in Syria?
A: The continuous lies of the west were the cause of huge damage to the Christians, not only in Syria, in the whole ME area.
1- The Crusades: Till our days some ignorant think that Christians of the ME are an extension to the west Christians, so we are always accused of what Europeans did in the old days, so they say not only Wahhabists are criminals, you did that in the past. When European built a fellow kingdoms in the ME.
2- The Christian mercenaries: In the days of Sultan Abdul Hamid the Wali of Ottoman state the muslims were objecting the activities of the Christian mercenaries coming from EU, but back then he said they promised me not to convert a single muslim to Christianity, they only want to convert orthodox to catholic or protestant, to make Christians small groups to make it easier getting rid of them. So when the genocides started, the Ottoman soldiers claimed only killing catholics because they have relationships with the west, but the killing went on till they killed millions of all the groups.
3- In the first world war, when the west wanted to divide Iraq into two states, under the supervision of Britain, the Assyriacs (Ashouriyien) demanded to have a state for them since they are the original inhabitants of the country, and it is their history, but the Zionist lobby interfered back then and prevented the Assyriacs from having their own country. We know it is the revenge of the jews against Assyriac because of the Babylonian captivity, it is their eternal hate. The west puts the Zionist agenda above the whole world, even above their people.
We know the history, we lived it, our parents lived it, we can never trust the west.
Q: If the West were to succeed in installing an al Qaeda/ISIS stooge government in Syria, would Christians be completely cleansed from Syria?
A: We will have to pay Aljizia, they would take our women as a slave, or we should convert to their Islam, or just die. Actually this happened in Iraq to one of my relatives, they were attacked by a group of terrorists, and were told that they either convert to Islam, or get killed or they leave immediately, so the family chosen to leave immediately, they were not allowed to carry anything with them , only their identities. I imagine we will be the same.

Yasmine adds:  “I wanted to add something for the questions, for now we are all sure that explosions in Qamishli are done by Kurds, they want to take over the area and I think it is strange that the government didn’t consider to protect Christians.”
My concluding remarks, the war in Syria needs to end before we see a complete cleansing of the indigenous people of this historically rich country. This is something that all of us should be very concerned with regardless of our religions before it is too late. This genocide needs to end now.
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