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The connection between piety (Taqwa) and insight

SHAFAQNA – In Ayah 282 of Surah Al-Baqarah is mentioned that “adopt Divine Piety and God will teach you.” It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: Fight with inappropriate desires in order that wisdom enters your hearts [1]. In another narration, the Prophet (PBUH) said: Whoever sincerely allocates 40 days for God (40 days of sincere worship and avoiding sins and anything that is considered as bad) the streams of wisdom from the land of his/her heart will pour into the canal of his/her tongue [2].

The late Allamah Tabatabaei (RA) from the books of Ahlul-Sunnah narrated that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said: If it was not for the sake of your excessive talking, and your disturbed and distressed hearts (Meaning, your hearts are open like meadows without any walls or fences, that any animal can come in and eat from its grass); you could see what I can see, and hear what I can hear [3].

These types of wise sayings are plenty in our religious books which directly consider as effective in gaining insight of the soul by avoiding sins, or indirectly refer to this point, like when explaining that following inappropriate desires cause loss of control of piety leading to darkening of the soul and the heart and the light of wisdom being turned off [4].

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[4] Dah Goftar, Martyr Motahhari (RA), PP 42-44.

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