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The consequence of self-conceit and vanity

SHAFAQNA – One day Prophet Jesus (AS) was passing a field and in the middle of the way reached a place of worship where a religious man lived there. Jesus (AS) started talking to him, and at the time a young man who was famous for doing bad deeds passed that place. When that young man saw Jesus (AS) and that religious man, hesitated and stood there and said: “O’ God, I am ashamed of my bad deeds; if your prophet see me now, and blame me, what do I do? O’ God, accept my excuse and do not dishonour me.” The moment that religious man saw that young man, raised his head towards the sky and said: O’ God, do not resurrect me with this young man who is a sinner on the Day of Judgment! At this time God revealed to Jesus (AS) to tell the religious man: God accepted your Dua (prayer), and will not resurrect this young man with you, because he is the resident of the paradise due to his repentance and regret, and you are the resident of hell because of your self-conceit and vanity [1].

[1] Kimiyaye Sa’adat, Vol.1, Page 105.

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