The Daily Show Instructs Muslims How to be More ‘America-Loving’


SHAFAQNA - A Muslim woman claimed this week that she was discriminated against on a plane, because the flight attendant was apparently worried she could use a soda can as a weapon. Well, Jon Stewart decided it was a good opportunity to help show Muslims how to better assimilate in America.

Correspondent Hasan Minhaj praised the airline for refusing to give the woman a “carbonated grenade” and explained that “anything on a plane is a weapon to a Muslim.”

He gave three pieces of advice to Muslims: “change your name,” hide your beard (“my beard is actually on the inside of my mouth”), and “wear something a little more America-loving.”

Of course sarcasm was the order of the day … the real joke is on America – as Jon Steward pointed out, as racism and bigotry are fast claiming Americans’ common sense.


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