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The dangerous rationale of fear-mongering – Criminalizing children in the name of national security


SHAFAQNA – There’s a new trend in town and it involves children – to be more precise it involves the criminalization of children based on their parents’ religious denomination. In God we trust America is ready to take on sectarian profiling to whole new level of crazy.

Surprise surprise, Muslims are once more sitting at the centre of a budding storm, a new trend which looks this  time to criminalize not a faith, or even an ethnicity but children. If you thought neoconservatives and their fear-mongering legions could not stoop any lower than they already did, with their calls for ethno-sectarian profiling and monitoring of communities’ activities under the convenient banner of national security, you are in for a rude awakening.

Western Orwellianism is set to break a new frontier this year now that politicians and media are making a case against Muslim children, rationalizing their hateful prejudices under a veneer of social concern – governments we are being told are shaping ever increasingly stringent policies and civil restriction to protect the multitude. Only thinning civil liberties and denying individuals their human rights never made any society, nation or government safer. If anything, it only allowed for officials to have greater powers over those people they were meant to serve, fueling a fear-based system conducive to the ostracization of any individuals  foolish enough to dare not conform to the politically correct mold.

If you thought Donald Trump’s calls to ban Muslims from entering the United States was absolute political indecency, you will likely find the following article disturbing. For all his vile and bile, Donald Trump, the man Western media has learn to hate with a passion, has become both a harbinger, and a spokesperson for further sectarian-based ostracization. And while some of his comments might still inspire revulsion, his ideas have echoed deep into America’s psyche. From his generalizations on Mexican migrants to his injunctions to liquidate entire Muslim families based on the radicalization of one individual – just so to settle a score, Donald Trump has really served as a powerful echo chamber for those most radical policies Western governments have yet to introduce.

An almost cartoonesque character, the Donald has become, willingly or not, a patsy for radical neocons, a voice which has shamelessly formulated the unacceptable and the amoral, shielded by a media machine which victimizes criminals and castigate minorities.

But the US does not stand alone in its descent into racist fascism.

Interestingly, it is the UK in 2010  which heralded a sharp shift in counter-terrorism consciousness, when government introduced its controversial Prevent policy.

Among the many risk assessments and prevention techniques government put forward was of the monitoring of children, as early as nursery …

In the government’s own words, Prevent is “statutory guidance which makes clear that schools and childcare providers are expected to assess the risk of children being drawn into terrorism, including support for extremist ideas that are part of terrorist ideology.”

In reality “the guidance” requires teachers, child care providers, local authorities, NHS, Border Force, prisons, probation housing authorities, mental health and others to spy on children and adults under the guise of preventing extremism.

By institutionalizing distrust and suspicion, the state is essentially projecting this concept that dissidence: ie criticism of the state, equates to domestic terrorism.

Needless to say that this road officials have engaged on leads not to democratic salvation but violent repression – the word Stasi comes to mind …

Children increasingly stand in the line of fire. While the trend has yet to become the rule, there have been too many writings on the wall for anyone to assume that reason will jolt people out of their racist trance. Fear and hate it appears are powerful psychedelics.

In Early January Michael Dozier, a columnist with Epic Times postulated that the next terror attack would likely be carried out by the sons of the so-called Caliphate, those radical militants whose psychosis is rooted in the insanity which is Wahhabism.

He wrote, “While American children are playing video games and snapchatting, many children in Islamic countries are being indoctrinated in hate. When their training is through, they will be allowed into the United States as migrants.”  

While Dozier’s concern is indeed rooted in reality, since ISIL is indeed actively raising young generations to their hateful image, his comments reflect a bias against Muslims which cannot be ignored.

Rather than argue for a more severe crackdown against ISIL itself, through the deconstruction of its network: ie financial and military patronage, Dozier offers to go downstream and victimize all Muslim children, on the premise that they are wired for terrorism.

Following neocons’ very rationale, Dozier went on noting, “As Syrian refugees rumble across Europe seeking asylum, they bring with them children, mainly boys. ISIS warned us themselves in their recent online magazine;DABIQ, that ‘they will be using the refugee crisis as an avenue to sneak jihadist into Europe and America.” According to The U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR), “58 percent of the Syrian refugees are men, 25 percent are children and 17 percent are women.’”

Earlier this week George Galloway, told me something which really struck a nerve. “Fascist regimes,” he said “can only be ever sustained through the projection of fear, social stigmatization and division.” THIS is exactly what Western powers have done, are doing, and will likely continue to do unless people decide to stop drinking the coolaid!

If we fail to recognize the despicable slippery road governments are pushing us towards, it is children which stand to pay the price of our compounded cowardice.

Are we ready to live in a society which legitimizes child abuse on account of national security?

syedIn Canada, babies have been flagged as a national security threat and put on a “no fly list”. Regardless of the insanity such allegations represent, government officials have yet to address the situation.

“Two Canadian children, who are both younger than three, were deemed potential security risks upon birth and have been placed on a no-fly list, their parents told the Canadian public broadcaster CBC news Monday,” read a report published in TeleSur on January 4, 2016.

Seriously?! Is that the new low neocons have in store for us? Is that the new normal we’re supposed to get onboard with while Western governments continue to play let’s-sponsor-a-terrorist-to-serve-our-imperialistic-agenda?

Open your eyes!

By Catherine Shakdam – This article was published first in RT. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

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