The effects of oppressing Muslim brethren

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated in Tafseer (commentary) of Imam Hassan Askari (AS) that Imam Ali (AS) commented on a part of Ayah 24 of Surah Al-Baqarah which says: “Avoid and fear the fire whose fuel is men and stones.” Imam Ali (AS) explained: O’ Shias and our followers, avoid and fear that you become fuel for such a fire, even if you are not disbelievers of God; save yourselves from this fire by not oppressing your brothers in religion.

Any one of you who oppresses his brother (in religion) who shares our friendship with you, God will make his load of chains in this fire heavy and nothing will save such a person unless by our intercession, and we never intercede (in this situation) before God unless we mediate between that person and his (oppressed) brother (in religion) first. If (the oppressed) brother forgives that person, we intercede, otherwise that person’s stay in fire will be longer [1].

[1] Mostadrakul Wasael, Jihad Nafs, Page 342.

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