The effects of proper consultation

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: There is not a case where the one who consults (qualified people), is not guided towards progress; meaning, the one who consults qualified people, is directed to the right/correct way [1]. Imam Ali (AS) said: The one who is self-opinionated will perish, and the one who consults (with qualified people) will share their wisdom [2]. Imam Ali (AS) also said: No other support is like consulting (with qualified people) [3]; consultation (with wise people) is the source of guidance [4]; Consulting (with qualified people) will bring the correct thoughts of others to you, and will guide you [5]. Imam Sajjad (AS) said: The right of the one who consults (with you) is that if you have an opinion or belief, do not keep it from him/her; and if you do not know anything about the topic of consultation, refer him/her to a knowledgeable person [6].

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