The extent of humility according to Imam Reza (AS)

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Imam Reza (AS) was asked about the limit of humility and replied: Humility has levels, one of them is that a person should know his/her level and remain in that level willingly. A person should behave towards others in the same way he/she expects others behave towards him/her. If a person is faced bad deeds from others, should reciprocate with good deeds and should be able to quench anger and forgive others because Allah (SWT) likes good doers [1]. When asked about the definition of humility, Imam Reza (AS) replied: Treat people the way you like others behave towards you [2].

[1] Al-Kafi, Vol. 2, Page 124.
[2] Oyoun-e-Akhbarol Reza, Vol. 2, Page 50.

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