The Grand Ayatollah Alavi: Muharram ceremonies are movements of giving life to societies

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In a meeting with people today in Qom, the Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Ali Alavi Gorgani said: The mourning ceremonies for Imam Hussain (AS) are movements of giving life to societies but people should become acquainted with this movement in order to be able to exhibit the guidance of Imam Hussain (AS). He added: The lives of young people should be directed in ways which are accepted by Imam Hussain (AS). The correct ways of conducting Muharram ceremonies should be explained to young people by scholars so that the enemies are unable to take advantage of these ceremonies. The Grand Ayatollah conitued by saying: One of the worrying issues is that enough attention is not paid to speeches in the ceremonies and some people do not put into practice the words of religious scholars. In his final remaks, the Grand Ayatolla Alavi said: Just taking part in the mourning ceremonies is not enough and the main aim of participating in Muharram programmes is to be informed about the mission of Imam Hussain (AS) in order to be able to continue his way.

Source: Iran media


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