The Grand Ayatollah Hakim condemned the attack on Kuwaiti Shia Muslims and asked the international organisations to stand up to these types of dangerous vile acts

SHAFAQNA – In parts of his message, the Grand Ayatollah Hakim said: Takfiri groups, targeted the worshippers in Imam Sadeq (AS) Mosque in Kuwait which resulted in martyrdom and injuries to a large group of innocent people who were praying to God. With this act, the Takfiris disrespected Islam, Salaat and fasting and these serial terrorist attacks are targeting the followers of Ahlul Bayt (AS) in various countries. We condemn these criminal acts and ask the officials to do their duties regarding the protection of the citizens and ask the international organisations to stand up against these dangerous vile acts which counts as the most ugliest mass killings and prosecute the perpetrators and their supporters.

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