The Grand Ayatollah Sistani answered questions about fasting for those who travel a lot

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Sistani answered questions about fasting for those people who are always travelling.

Question: How does a person like a driver fasts when he is always travelling? And who is considered as a person who travels a lot?

The Grand Ayatollah Sistani: As for drivers and similar to them, it is credible to continue driving, and the rest time should not be more than normal of long distance drivers; so the person who for instance travels once a week, is not considered as a driver (who drives a lot).

But a person who is considered as one who travels a lot, such a person travels at least 10 times in a month, and travels 10 days of it, or is travelling10 days even if it is included within 2 or 3 trips, with the condition that he intends to continue travelling for 6 month in a year, or 3 months in few years, and in these conditions, his Salaats in all the trips even though these trips are not his regular trips, are performed in full.

Of course in the first 2 weeks according to precaution, the broken and full Salaats are performed together. And if the number or days of his travelling in a month is 8 or 9, according to Wajeb precaution, must perform broken and full Salaats in all trips, and if less than that, the Salaat is broken.


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