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The kindness of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) versus the obstinacy of the disbeliever

SHAFAQNA – In the Badr War which occurred in the second year of Hegira, disbelievers were heavily defeated by the Islamic army. In the middle of the war, one of the well-known figures among disbelievers called Abu Albakhtary was surrounded by Muslims. The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) had ordered not to kill him because at the start of his prophethood, he used to stop some of the disbelievers to bother the Prophet (PBUH) and he also tried to cancel a treaty by disbelievers to murder the Prophet (PBUH). Despite the passage of many years, the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) did not forget and respected his efforts of those days. The Muslims informed Abu Albakhtary about the order of the Prophet (PBUH), and he responded by saying: Also forgive my friend Majzar ibn Ziad. The Muslims said: This order is only for you, and not for your friend. But he insisted and said: Now that you do not forgive my friend, kill both of us, so that the women of Quraish do not say that I was greedy for this world and was ready for my friend to be killed. At the end, after obtaining permission from the Prophet (PBUH), both were killed [1]. Therefore, Abu Albakhtary was killed due to his obstinacy.

[1] Tareekh Kamel, Ibn Atheer, Vol. 2, Page 128.

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