The meaning of Welayat according to divine words

SHAFAQNA – What is the meaning of Welayat according to Allah (SWT) as mentioned in Ayah 257 of Surah Al-Baqarah?

Late Allamah Tabatabei said: The meaning of Welayat (guardianship/friendship) of Allah (SWT) to God’s servants is such that when the servant’s determination becomes God’s determination, his/her satisfaction becomes God’s satisfaction, his/her anger becomes God’s anger and he/she has no will and  authority by himself/herself. As is mentioned elsewhere in Ayah 62 of Surah Al-Yunus: Be aware that there is no fear on God’s friends nor they become worried. Here the guardianship/friendship of God is mentioned for God’s friends because welayat like friendship is two-sided. Here the Welayat means that the Almighty’s will/determination is servant’s will/determination and God’s satisfaction becomes servant’s satisfaction.

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