The pain and strain of a life in Bahrain


SHAFAQNA – The latest national field study conducted by the Psychiatric Hospital included 1,114 citizens. It was revealed that 51% of them suffer from psychological disorders, 62% of them have troubles in sleeping, 71% suffer from anxiety and 35% from depression.

The study published by the “Akhbar Al-Khaleej” newspaper that has close ties with the Bahraini Prime Minister stated that 56% of the chosen sample suffer from physical and psychological symptoms that was manifested in the sensation of pain in different body parts and symptomatic diseases like gastric pain and others. The sample included citizens of various educational levels from elementary to PhD educated individuals and those who work in mirror jobs and administrative ones.

The specialized psychiatric clinic in the psychiatric hospital recorded 61,498 visits, 90% were for Bahraini citizens. The drug and alcohol abuse clinic came in second place with 9,243 visits, 8,897 of which were for Bahraini citizens.

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