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The patience of Lady Fatima Zahra (AS)

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Hassan Askari (AS) who said: One day a woman came to see Lady Fatima Zahra (AS) and said: I have a frail mother who wanted to ask a question about performing her Salaat and sent me to get the answer from you. After listening to the woman, Lady Fatima (AS) gave answer to her question. Then, that woman asked another question, and Lady Fatima (AS) answered again. That woman asked other questions one after another until reached question number ten, and Lady Fatima (AS) answered all her questions kindly and patiently. After that, the woman became embarrassed and said: I made you tired; I will not bother you anymore.

Lady Fatima (AS) said: No, It will not be any bother for me, and then added: If a person is hired to take a load to a place and get paid 100000 dinars, does he get upset? That woman replied: No; then Lady Fatima (AS) said: For any of your questions which I answer, I am hired by you, and the reward is from God; far more than can be found in this world; so ask what you want and do not worry about me, because I heard from my father the Prophet of Allah (SWT) who said: Scholars and the learned ones, our Shias and followers will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment whilst wearing the crest of dignity on their heads. Because they tried in the world to guide the servants of God, they will be rewarded by God and will receive many heavenly gifts made of light [1].

[1] Tafseer Imam Hassan Askari, Page 340, Hadith 216.

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