The plight of an Imam in Yemen – “We are all Shia” he cried

SHAFAQNA – As the south Yemeni city of Aden is witnessing a grave escalation in violence, witnesses have reached out to Shafaqna to report a story of incredible bravery and inspiration.

On Tuesday evening among a violent and bloody confrontation opposing the Houthis on the one side and Salafi militants on the other a Zaidi Imam managed to storm a Salafi-held mosque backed by several militants to deliver a powerful message of hope to the residents of the city.

Using the mosque’ speakers, the Imam  – whose name we have chosen not to disclose for security reason – called on all residents to end sectarian violence, warning all that such enmity only serves the enemies of Islam.

The following is an account of the words he spoke:

“You have been lied to by the enemies of Islam. You have been told that Shia Islam is a great evil, an apostasy but the apostasy comes from Riyadh where Princes have marked yours sons and daughters for death. We come here to liberate you, to call on you to unite and stand behind the banner of Islam.

Shia means being “of the people”. Shia means being of the people of Ahl Al Bayt and how can you call yourself Muslims if you do not submit to Ahl Al Bayt. Have you forgetten people of Yemen who it was who brought you the blessed message of Islam? Have you forgotten whose words of peace you pledged yourself to? It was Imam Ali (AS) who our beloved Prophet of God (PBUH) entrusted to bring Islam to Yemen.

In three days Imam Ali (AS) brought all the tribes of Yemen together and ever since the people of Hamdan have walked behind him. Yemen has walked in the shadow of Imam Ali (AS) and through him we have come to learn Islam.

Are you today denying this pledge? Because the people of Hamdan are the people of Ali (AS), the people of Yemen will always be the people of Ali (AS).

We are the Shia of Ibrahim (PBUH), we are the Shia of Musa (PBUH), we are the people of Mohammed (PBUH) we are the Shia of Ahl Al Bayt (PBUTA). What are you?

Are you willing to shed the blood of your people so that those who have lied to you can take your lands and enjoy in Yemen’s bounties? Are you so blinded by hatred that you cannot see that we are your countrymen and brothers in religion.

We are all Shia!”

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