The policies of Imam Hussain (AS) (Part Eight; Last Part)

SHAFAQNA – Imam Hussain (AS) pointed to his martyrdom and welcoming it said: My position is the position of someone who is not frightened of death , how a glorified death is easy for me in order to revive the truth. A glorified death is the everlasting life and living in humiliation is the real death. Do you frighten me with death? Praise be to the death in the way of God, but you cannot destroy my glory and take away my honour [13].

Imam Hussain (AS) emphasized on glory and honour in order to warn the people of the society that despotic rulers (Moawieh and Yazid) and followers of Ale Abi Sufyan wanted humiliate and insult them and even to take away their natural principles and rights. Imam (AS) warned that combating such conditions is not only a duty but it is Wajeb and a person must even give his life to keep alive these principles so that the conditions improve for all.

[13] Kalamat Imam Hussain (AS), Page 360, Hadith 348.

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