The policies of Imam Hussain (AS) (Part Seven)

SHAFAQNA – About the burial of humanity at the time of Abi Sufyan’s clan (Moawieh and Yazid), Imam Hussain (AS) said: O’ you the followers of Al-e-Sufyan, if you do not follow any religion and if you are not frightened of the Day of Judgment, at least be fair in your own world [11, 12]. Imam Hussain (AS) pointed to the fact that the society at that time was divided into the followers of Abi Sufyan and the followers of Imam Ali (AS).

The first group left the true religion behind and did not believe in Islam and the revelation, in fact they came out of the humanity to an extent that they lost natural human instincts and no light of guidance could be noticed in their lives. Therefore Imam Hussain (AS) rose at a time when a type of people who were not bound by any human or religious values, had the absolute rule over the Islamic nation.

[11] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 45, page 51.

[12] Maqtal Kharazmi, Vol. 2, page 33.

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