The policies of Imam Hussain (AS) (Part Three)

SHAFAQNA – The author of the book “Alseratul Mostaqeem” narrated for his uncle: When Moawieh came to Kufa, he said: I did not fight you for you to perform prayers or fast, I fought you in order to rule you. Then his uncle asked: Have you seen anyone more shameless than him (Moawieh)? He killed 70000 people, among them Ammar, Khazimeh, Hajr, Amr ibn Hamq, Mohammad ibn Abubakr, Malik Ashtar, Owais Qarny, Abu Sohan, Ibn Tayhan, Ayesheh and Ibn Hessan [6].

In such a condition, Imam Hassan (AS) on the order of Moawieh was martyred and Imam Hussain (AS) undertook the responsibility of Imamate. Considering the conditions of the time, Imam Hussain (AS) told Shia Muslims: Until this man (Moawieh) is alive, do not act, when he is gone and you are alive, it is hoped that God choses salvation for you and Allah (SWT) does not leave us to ourselves (as promised in the holy Quran that) God is with those who are pious and do good deeds [7].

[6] Aameli Nabati, Ali Mohammad, Alseratul Mostaqeem Ela Mostahqi Altaqdeem, Mohaqeq and Mosaheh, Ramazan, Mikhaeil, Vol. 3, Page 45 and 48, Printed in Najaf by Maktabal Haydarieh, First Edition, 1384 AH.

[7] Moso’a Kalamatul Imamal Hussain (AS), Page 205, Hadith 152; Ayah 128, Surah Al-Nahl.

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