The policies of Imam Hussain (AS) (Part Two)

SHAFAQNA – The role of Moawieh cannot be ignored. With Pharaoh’s method and by using people like Amre ibn Aas, Talheh and Zubair as well as utilizing wealth and force, he managed to terrorize the real Islam and Muslims preventing them from management of the society.
Murdering those opposed to him, buying the well known figures, sowing discord in society and draw attentions to topics such as fatalism, created such an atmosphere that when people heard Imam Ali (AS) was martyred whilst praying in the Mosque, were asking each other, Ali (AS) used to pray? or what was Ali (AS) doing in a Mosque? Moawieh with all the tricks managed to buy those around Imam Hassan (AS).
At the time of Imam Ali (AS) Abdullah ibn Abbas emptied Basra’s treasury and escaped to Mecca and Ashass Kendi who was from a big and influential Kufa tribe became a traitor by assisting in the martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS) and his daughter who was the wife of Imam Hassan (AS) poisoned her husband which eventually resulted in martyrdom of Imam Hassan (AS) [4]. Moawieh was a ruthless Pharaoh and did not stop at any crime. He killed Mohammad ibn Abibakr and is reported that he even killed Ayesheh [5].

[4] Mofeed, Al-Ershad, Vol. 2, page 16.
[5] Min Aameli, Seyyed Mohsen, Aayanul Shia, Vol. 6, page 166-167.

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