The principles and religious reasons behind Istikharah / the Grand Ayatollah Rouhani’s answers

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Sadeq Rouhani answered questions about Istikharah.

Question: There is an illness which is called “addiction to Istikharah”. This illness has emerged as a result of excessive Istikharah for unimportant acts such as going to the bath. What are the principles and religious reasons behind Istikharah? And when Istikharah is allowed? Is it allowed to go against the result of Istikharah? And how?

The Grand Ayatollah Rouhani: According to narrations, such as a narration from Imam Jawad (AS) who said: Whoever requested good/goodness from God never wandered [1]; can be used to say that Istikhrah is for the time when a person is in doubt and it is not probable to find the right way; but in obvious issues, there is no need for Istikharah.

But as for opposing Istikharah: It is kind of weakness of confidence in God; because after a person requested God to show him/her the right way, opposing whatever is beneficial to him/her, is somehow rejecting Istikharah and consultation with God, and this is not appropriate for a believer; especially as the numerous experiences show bad consequences for opposing Istikharah.


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