The proper way of understanding Islam


SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Sajjad (AS) who said: The religion of God (Islam) cannot be understood with incomplete wisdom, and false opinions, and baseless and corrupt analogies. Absolute submission (to God) is the only way to succeed. Then, whoever submits to us Ahlul Bait, will be saved from any deviation (in religion), and the person who wants to understand the religion with his/her own personal opinions and analogies, will be destroyed [1]. Of course this does not mean that we should not reflect in the holy verses of the Quran because Imam Sajjad (AS) himself said: Each holy verse of the Quran is a treasure of God’s knowledge, whenever a treasure is opened, it is appropriate that you look at it properly [2].

[1] Mostadrakul Wasael, Vol. 17, Page 262, Hadith 25.

[2] As above, Vol. 4, page 238, Hadith 3.


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