The Prophet Muhammad’s last commands … did we listen?

SHAFAQNA – If the Quran remains under God’s protection and can therefore any redacting, or change to its integrity, the same was not promised of the Islamic community.

As sad as it may sound, Muslims have failed to hold on to the Truth and the Word the last prophet of God passed onto humanity  – more often than not out of greed, cowardice and self-importance.

If Islam remains divine and whole, Muslims stand fragmented and divided, in a state of schism for nefarious powers have successfully infiltrated nations and communities, with their hatred and their prejudice.

Before the Prophet Muhammad departed he left the Muslim Ummah (community) with two simple commands: Be kind to women, and follow Ahlul-Bayt as they are the carrier of God’s holy tradition …

I invite you to open your hearts, and your minds … ask yourself this: Why have elements within Islam focused so very hard on discrediting the member of the House, the progeny of the Prophet when we know that it goes against the Prophet’s most expressed wishes?

AhlulBayt remains the appointed Guardian of Islam, a last mercy so that mankind would not revert to the darkness of ignorance.

As a community Muslims were blessed twice: once with the prophet and the Word, and secondly with AhlulBayt graceful guidance – will we deny what was made apparent? Will we deny God’s command as it was spoken through His prophet?

“…Allah desires to keep any uncleanness from you, o’ people of the House and make you pure as pure can be . Qur’an(33:33)


By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna

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