The Prophet of Islam (PBUH): Breach of trust is not allowed under any circumstances in Islam

SHAFAQNA – In the seventh year after Hegira, the Islamic army was trapped in deserts near Khyber. Muslims food supplies ran out and they very hungry. In this condition, a shepherd who was looking after sheep belonging to Jews came to the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and after finding about Islamic teachings converted to Islam. Then, the shepherd said: These sheep belong to Jewish people who betrayed you; I do not want to return to them, I will give these sheep to you and stay with you. The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) replied: These sheep have been given to you in trust and in our religion, the breach of trust is not allowed under any circumstances. You are obliged to return these sheep to those Jewish people and then return to Muslims [1].

[1] Seereyeh Ibn Hashim, Vol. 3, page 344.

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