The reciters of the holy Quran who did not understand it

SHAFAQNA – In the Saffayn War (year 38 AH), the army of Imam Ali (AS) was winning, and Moawiyah’s army was nearly annihilated. Moawiyah told Amr-e-Aas: It is time that you think of a trick; otherwise the army of Imam Ali (AS) will destroy us. Amr said: It is better that we place the Qurans on top of the spears and shout the rule of the Quran is between you and us. If they accept, the war will stop, and if some of Ali’s (AS) army do not accept, then there will be disagreement among them. They did as they planned, and the army of Imam Ali (AS) withdrew from their positions. Imam Ali (AS) shouted: O’ the servants of Allah (SWT), be steadfast in the way of the truth, the army opposite is not the follower of the religion and the Quran, I know them better than you. Because you are winning the war, they are using the Quran to deceive you. The people in the army of Imam Ali (AS) said: Because they call us to the Book of God, it is impossible for us to reject them! Some of them who were reciters of the Quran, such as Massod Yazid said: They call you to the Book of God; accept! Otherwise we will hand you over to the enemy and will do to you as we did to Othamn ibn Affan. They pressurized Imam Ali (AS) to the extent that Imam (AS) ordered Malik-e-Ashtar to stop fighting, and Amr-e-Aas’s deception was successful [1].

[1] Waqat-u-Seffayn, Page 489; Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 32, page 529.

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