The recommendations of Imam Reza (AS) on the last Friday of the Month of Shaaban

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Abasalt (RA) who said: On the last Friday of Shaaban, I went to see Imam Reza (AS). Imam Reza (AS) said: O’ Abasalt, most of the Month of Shaaban has passed, and today is the last Friday of this month. So in the remainder of this month, make amends for your neglect (in this month). Therefore, it is necessary to act on what is beneficial to you: Recite Quran, Dua, and repent a lot; Repent to Allah (SWT) from your sins until the Month of God (Ramadhan) arrives and you have made your soul pure for the sake of God; Make sure things which belong to others and given to you to keep in trust, have been returned to their owners; do not be resentful of any believer in your heart, and make sure you have cleansed your heart (from bitterness or indignation of others); leave behind the sin which you have committed before; practice piety; rely on Allah (SWT) in your private and public affairs, God is enough for whoever relies on God; and in the rest of the time left in this month (Shaaban) repeat this Dua a lot: “O’ Allah (SWT), if you have not forgiven us so far in this month of Shaaban, forgive us in the remaining time”; verily Allah (SWT) in this month and for the sake of the holy and respectful Month of Ramadhan, will save a lot of God’s servants from hell fire [1].

{1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 97, Page 73 narrated from Oyoun-e- Akhbar-ul-Reza (AS)

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