The role of the holy Quran on the Day of Judgment

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from Imam Mohammad Baqir (AS) who said: O’ Sa’ad, learn the holy Quran, because the holy Quran in the best of figures which people have ever seen will appear on the Day of Judgment, and Allah (SWT) will call it: O’ My proof on the earth, and O’ My true and clear words, raise and ask, until it is given to you; intercede until your intercession is accepted. Then Allah (SWT) will ask: How did My servants treat you? The holy Quran will reply: O’ my God, some of them protected me and did not ignore me, and some wasted me and did not pay much attention to my rights, and denied me, although I was the proof of God on them.

Then God will say: I swear to Divine Magnificence and Glory and your status, today I will give the best reward to you, and will inflict the most painful retribution for your sake. Then the Quran will come to a man from among our Shias who is known to the Quran and he used to argue with those opposed to the Quran, and will stand in front of him and will ask him: Do you know me? That man will look and say: O’ servant of God, I do not know you; then the Quran will say: I am the one who kept you awake at nights, then will say: O’ my God, this is your servant, and You know him better than me, and he suffered a lot for my sake and looked after me, and was the enemy of my enemies, and was a friend to me.

Then, Allah (SWT) will say: Let My servant into paradise, and clothe him with clothes from paradise, and place the crest of glory on his head. Then the holy Quran will say: O’ my God, please add to his rewards, God will say: I swear to Divine Glory, Magnificence, and Position, today I will add five things to him and those at his level; beware that they are youths who will not get old, and healthy ones who will never get ill, and they are so rich that they will never be poor, and are so satisfied that will never get sad, and they are alive people who will never die [1].

[1] Sokhane Khoda (Divine Narrations), Ayatollah Seyyed Hassan Shirazi, Page 126.

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